ReNeighbor Team




In 2017, Ashley Morgan began the work of developing and constructing ReNeighbor as an inviting and welcoming organization centered around the concept of changing the lives of minorities and urban communities through financial literacy.


Ashley Morgan

(Founder & CEO)


Staff Members

Our staff members are full of passion and creativity. Fully motivated and hard at work to bring you the resources and programing needed to help you reach your financial and civic goals. The ReNeighbor staff members are always ready for the next challenge .



Nullam Tempor Placerat Felis

Ultrices Diam Sed Etiam

Dolor Sed Nulla Auctor Nec

Board of Advisors

This dedicated group of executives who strongly believe in ReNeighbor and its vision for changing urban neighborhoods and helping families build generational wealth. The team is in charge of developing and providing different financial planning strategies, counseling sessions and detailed tips for building wealth through home ownership.


Dasean Barnes Amani Katali

Sabina Lalwani Kerrien Suarez

Medina Mike Cook

Elena Coley Anika Grant



Board of Trustees

A dedicated group of executives supporting ReNeighbor and working alongside the executive team to develop strategy and increase ReNeighbor’s impact.