Educating Neighbors

ReNeighbor is focused on more than home buyer education. Our programs are designed to build stronger neighborhoods through empowerment, education, and civic engagement. 


Civic Engagement & Volunteerism

Contribute to improving the quality of life in your neighborhood, through both political and non-political activities .

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Home Maintenance & Financial Literacy

Join us for workshops and events on the best practices in home maintenance and how to leverage your new asset to build generational wealth.

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Neighborhood Landlord

Coming Fall 2019,this program is designed to educate and inform home owners on how to properly invest in their neighborhoods and provide quality housing for renters while protecting their income.

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Legacy Planning

This upcoming program is built to learn how to plan and generate wealth through discussion sessions from professional estate planners, lawyers, and health care executives on the best ways to protect and leverage your assets for long term planning.

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